Lift & Product Installs

Not Only do we sell some of the top manufactures in lifts and after market products (with most being next day delivery from a huge warehouse supplier we utilize daily.  We also pride ourselves in quality top notch trouble free installations.  We go that "extra" mile, and do the job right the 1st time rather than having to spend hours down the road in a shop having it re-done. We also will install parts that you purchase elsewhere and merely need assistance with having it installed.  Talk with a scheduling specialist to assist you.

What to expect when having your work done? How long will it take ? Any special considerations? 

There are many factors that go into length of time it takes most manufactures issue an estimation of time (however keep in mind that also doesn't account for wheels and tires, any trimming (if needed) alignment or it also doesn't account for any issues with bolts or condition of vehicle having work done etc.  For this reason here at our shop we like to ask for the vehicle for at minimum 2 days, with any larger lift and at least (1) full day for smaller lifts or leveling kits w/ rear components and if any tire/wheel combination or alignments are to be done.  Allowing us to have the vehicle for this time frame allows for enough time to fully evaluate any issues, and makes for a better experience for you, as well as reduces strain and mental fatigue of the technician.  Now, it is often very possibly ( especially on newer trucks with very little miles) for a larger lift to be done in just (1) day given our extended hours of operation /however, generally that requires either (2) different technicians working on your vehicle OR working the technician on extreme overtime.  If you find yourself ABSOLUTELY REQUIRING the vehicle to be done in just 1 day regardless or on a SIGNIFICANT time restraint please give us a call because WE CAN/WILL DO (FOR SIGNIFICANTLY MORE LABOR COST d/t overtime)


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