About Us

We are family based business, Weve worked hard over the past 11 years building a business from ONLY a dream and dedication.  We started this journey to build a business on quality work and craftsmanship.  Its been a rough journey sacrificing almost daily kids parties, holidays, vacations, weekends and even deaths, whatever its taken to be there for our customers and get the job done and get them back on the road as soon as we possibly could.  Weve worked hard to build relationships with our customers that go beyond the sale, we value each and every customer and most have become more like close friends. 

Weve assembled some great folks to be a part of a great team-


              Scott Clark :   Scott comes to us from Saint Albans. Scott has over 25 years of welding/fabricating experience, and over 20 years experience in mechanical experience as well, Scott graduated St Albans HS and Ben Franklin with a variety of welding certifications, We is mig, tig, stick , aluminum and stainless certified.  When Scotts not working he enjoys guns, hunting and camping and last but certainly NOT least mudding and 4wheeling.

             Corey Cunningham:  Corey is relatively new to our shop, however brings with him loads of experience and certifications, Corey has spent several years at several dealerships in the community and loves lifted trucks and modification and enjoys the challenge of the new complex build.  

             Jeff Minnich:   Jeff has several years experience, enjoys his job and tries to always bring a friendly smile. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his grandkids and 4wheeling, hunting and Razor Riding.  


             Jeremiah Burgess-    Jeremiah seems to be known by everyone locally as "shorty" Jerimiah loves a challenging mechanical project and mudding, he brings a wealth of "hands on" knowledge.  and enjoys working on jeeps in particular..


             Kevin Weese  also known as " junior".. Hes not only the "newbie" hes also the youngest on our team.  Kevin is in the "learning/apprentice" stages.  But is a hard worker and eager to learn.  Kevin brings with him his enthusiasm and can-do approach to any project. 

            Aubrey Braddock-  Aubrey has over 10 years management experience and brings to our team her vast knowledge and hands on experience of logistics and organizational planning.  When Aubrey  isn't working shes spending time with her kids, or reading to expand her vast knowledge base.

            Amber Davis-  Amber is a new-comer to the team, Ambers primary love is horses and she hopes one day to manage her very own horse barn and riding stable until then Amber has decided to bring with her the marketing, and business knowledge shes recently learned from her college adventures.  When Ambers not working, she can likely be found on a farm or in a barn surrounding herself with all the things she enjoys like animals specifically horses.




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